Monday, October 28, 2019

10 Side Affects of the California Wildfires

In addition to the usual problem with wildfires (of which there are many like extended power outages, etc), here are some other things that are happening due to the fires...

  1. Animals are being displaced by the fires, especially if families were unable to find their animals when they were evacuating or if they were unable to bring their animals with them for some reason.
  2. Smoke from the wildfires can be really bad for the average person in the area, even worse for people with asthma or other breathing difficulties.
  3. When the power outages were first announced they were supposed to be "for a few days".  Now that weather conditions have deteriorated, these outages have been extended for even longer.
  4. Fortunately during a disaster, the public often comes out in droves to help.  It's important that those who want to volunteer or donate do so in an organized way so information is now being provided on how and where people can help the fire victims.
  5. Air BnB will be impacted by the fires as they are providing shelter through their Open Homes Program.
  6. The longer the power is out, the more important food safety becomes.
  7. Many school districts have chosen to close schools this week due to the fire.  Not only are kids not in school, they won't be fed through the school lunch program and if parents are still working, childcare will be a big issue too.
  8. Even the rich and famous aren't immune to the affects of the wildfires.
  9. Gas stations in the area are running out of gas.
  10. People are now realizing that if their area burned before, it can easily burn again.

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