Saturday, April 6, 2019

10 Tips for Recovering from a Virus

Yours truly is sick as a dog.  Not sure if it is the flu or some sort of viral respiratory thing but now everyone in the house is sick.  Some tips for recovery:

  1. Sleep.  A lot.
  2. Antivirals may help.  They help more proactively, and with declining success after the illness has set in.  I chose to power through without them.
  3. Stay hydrated.  Boil ginger in water and add lemon and honey.  Drink this like it is a new food group.
  4. Eat when you are hungry but eat sparingly.  And avoid heavy, greasy food as well as dairy.
  5. Break out your stockpile of kleenex and meds (Tylenol, Thera Flu, NyQuil, etc).
  6. Stay home.  Don't go out and about infecting others.
  7. Don't overexert yourself (like trying to keep up with your workouts or trying to work 8 hours a day); you need to rest in order to recover.
  8. Treat the symptoms.  Tylenol to reduce fever and help with body aches, cough syrup to help with coughing, and according to the spouse, slathering yourself in Vicks cures everything else (I decided to power through without the Vicks cure).
  9. If necessary (it shouldn't actually be necessary if you have been prepping for a while), use DoorDash or other delivery services to bring you what you need to weather the illness (chicken soup from the local Chinese place, more Kleenex from Walmart, meds from your local pharmacy, etc).
  10. If you have severe symptoms--difficulty breathing, very high fever or fever that won't break, rash. vomiting to the point of dehydration--get thee to a hospital.

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