Monday, March 18, 2019

10 Things to Do That Aren't Disaster-Related

Disaster news has been pretty overwhelming lately--the mass shooting in New Zealand, the knee-jerk reaction to said shooting that will significantly ban weapons in New Zealand, massive flooding in Nebraska and Iowa...pretty depressing stuff when you hear about it 24/7 on the news.  Sometimes you just need to tune out the insanity and focus your attention on other things to give your mind a much-needed rest.  Some suggestions...

  1. It's March Madness time (a good thing, not an actual madness thing).
  2. If you live in Tennessee and have teens, check out their free college program.
  3. Pick out an upcoming race or fun run to train for (or just go and be a spectator).
  4. It's kitten season.  I didn't even know there was such a thing until recently but spring is when shelters become overwhelmed with kittens so if you need a new pet, consider adopting a kitten from your local shelter.
  5. Consider doing some sort of safety project for your community.  Public Access AEDs, Life Jacket Loaner Boards, bike helmets for kids, car seats for infants--either on your own or with a community safety group, by putting together such projects it helps your entire community become a safer place to live.
  6. Learn a skill.  Putting your mind on learning a new skill means you won't have time to focus so much attention on the news.  YouTube is an excellent place to learn leather working, orienteering, sewing, chess, etc.
  7. Do random acts of kindness when you have the opportunity.
  8. Participate in the #TrashTag challenge.
  9. Take a nap!
  10. Exercise multiple times throughout the day with body weight exercises.

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