Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Can't Afford a Bug Out Bag? Here's How to Make One On the Cheap

A couple days ago, I posted a list to help people put together a BOB (Bug Out Bag).  Needless to say, putting together a quality BOB takes a bit of time and a good deal of money.  I listed the items for the BOB that I have in my own bag and while it would be massively expensive to run out and buy every item on the list at one time (my stuff was acquired over a period of time, usually on sale, and they are items that I use for other purposes like hiking and backpacking), if you simply can't afford a Bug Out Bag, I present this list free/frugal stuff you can use to put together a starter BOB (this list assumes you are wearing a full set of clothes--good shoes, socks, pants, underwear, shirt, jacket--and that you will have in your pockets your wallet, keys, ID, cash, credit cards, watch, and cell phone):
  1. A backpack (buy one at a thrift store or ask friends/relatives if they have one they no longer need).
  2. Pack rain cover (you can fashion one of these out of a plastic garbage bag)
  3. Complete change of clothes--socks, underwear, pants, shirt, swimwear, sleepwear (thrift store)
  4. Flip flops (dollar store, thrift store)
  5. Heavier jacket--down/fleece (thrift store)
  6. Hat and gloves (thrift store)
  7. Your laptop/charger and/or tablet/charger (if you don't have these, skip this)
  8. Passport/important documents/additional cash (a passport is spendy but the alternative is not being able to leave the country)
  9. Business cards/contact info cards (you can make these and print them out for under a dollar at Office Depot/Staples)
  10. Prescription medications (if needed, bring what you have; try to get a 90 day supply from your doctor)
  11. Sunglasses (dollar store)
  12. Charging cord for your cell phone (take the one you have for your cell)
  13. Personal items: denture stuff, hearing aids/batteries, prescription glasses, etc. (if you need these, bring what you have)
  14. Thumb drive (2).  One with all of your files backed up on it (these can be found on sale at Amazon)
  15. Power bank (these are under $10 on Amazon or at Ross)
  16. Hygiene kit (make your own with dollar store stuff--comb, shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, etc)
  17. Dr Bonner's soap (nice but not necessary)
  18. Microfiber towel (nice but not necessary, can sometimes be found at the dollar store)
  19. Umbrella (can be found at the dollar store sometimes)
  20. Shemagh (buy a scarf at the thrift store)
  21. Ultra sil daypack (any folding daypack will work, cheap ones can be found on sale at Eddie Bauer)  
  22. Contigo insulated bottle (nice to have, can sometimes be found at the thrift store) 
  23. Nalgene water bottle (nice to have, alternately just bring a bottle of water)
  24. Ultra-sil rain poncho.  Can also double as a shelter (you can MYOG this item with heavy-duty garbage bags and duct tape)
  25. Down throws.  Sew two together and you have a MYOG sleeping bag (this is actually cheaper than a down sleeping bag; any down throw will do)
  26. Headlamp (nice but not necessary, you can use a flashlight instead)
  27. Flashlight (the dollar store has these but upgrade as soon as you can; Costco has good, cheap flashlights)
  28. Matches (dollar store)
  29. Lighter (dollar store)
  30. Magnesium fire starter (nice to have but not absolutely necessary; you may be able to find these on sale online)
  31. Spork (you can bring a spoon and fork from home)
  32. Basic mess kit (find at the thrift store or buy a cheap one at Walmart)
  33. Can opener (usually find these for around $1 online)
  34. Camp stove/fuel (make your own)
  35. Pocket knife (thrift store or dollar store; upgrade as soon as possible)
  36. Multi tool (thrift store or dollar store; upgrade as soon as possible)
  37. Fixed blade knife (not absolutely necessary but nice to have)
  38. Knife sharpener (dollar store)
  39. Fisher Space Pen (any pen/pencil will do; pick up a free pen at the bank)
  40. Rite in the Rain notebook (any cheap notebook will do, check the dollar store)
  41. Sharpie (dollar store)
  42. Mylar blanket (these are around a dollar at Walmart)
  43. Paracord (dollar store)
  44. Tyvek tarp (ask at a construction site if you can have some of their scrap Tyvek)
  45. Glow sticks (dollar store)
  46. Whistle (dollar store, check the toy section)
  47. Compass (can often find these cheap online or at Walmart)
  48. Maps (download free online)
  49. Antibacterial wipes (dollar store)
  50. Toilet paper (bring from home)
  51. Tissue packets (dollar store)
  52. Folding trowel (a plastic trowel from the dollar store will work)
  53. Water purification tablets (find these online or at Walmart)
  54. Sawyer water filter (can sometimes find these on sale online)
  55. Bandannas (2) (dollar store or Walmart)
  56. Small AM/FM radio (dollar store or Walmart)
  57. Spare batteries--for radio, headlamp, and flashlight (dollar store)
  58. Work gloves (dollar store)
  59. Rubberized work gloves (dollar store)
  60. Pry bar (dollar store or thrift store)
  61. 4 n 1 emergency tool (sometimes the local gas company will give these away free)
  62. Silcock key (not necessary but nice to have)
  63. Fresnel lens/magnifier (the dollar store has cheap magnifiers)
  64. N95 masks (dollar store or Walmart)
  65. Fishing kit (make a simple kit from things found at the dollar store or ask a friend for a hook, sinker, and line)
  66. Sewing kit (dollar store)
  67. Mirror (dollar store)
  68. Solar charger (nice to have but not necessary; can sometime be found on sale online but is still expensive)
  69. Handwarmers (Walmart)
  70. Candle (dollar store)
  71. Duct tape (dollar store)
  72. Ear plugs (dollar store or Walmart)
  73. Sunscreen (dollar store)
  74. Head net (dollar store or Walmart)
  75. Goggles (dollar store)
  76. Ziploc bags--asst sizes (dollar store)
  77. Plastic trash bags--asst sizes (dollar store)
  78. Zip ties--asst sizes (dollar store)
  79. Bungie cords (dollar store)
  80. First aid kit (make your own with dollar store stuff)
  81. Tourniquet (you can improvise this if necessary)
  82. Quick clotting product (can sometimes find on sale online or MYOG)
  83. Tampons (ask for a couple from a female friend or relative)
  84. Condoms (ask for a couple from a male friend or relative)
  85. Leukotape (can buy a similar product from the dollar store)
  86. Moleskin (dollar store)
  87. Acidophilous (dollar store)
  88. Vitamins (not absolutely necessary; can sometimes find these at the dollar store)
  89. Potassium iodide tablets (can order these online)
  90. Bug repellent (dollar store)
  91. Pepper spray (can sometimes be found on sale online)
  92. Bear spray (can sometimes be found on sale online)
  93. Portable HAM radio/charger (if you don't have a HAM license, this is unnecessary)
  94. Binoculars (not absolutely necessary; can sometimes find them on sale online or at a thrift store)
  95. Food (granola bars, instant soup, jerky, nuts, dried fruit, dried fish, candy, etc),
  96. Beverage powder (coffee, tea, drink mix),
  97. Gun/holster/extra magazines/ammo.
  98. Burner cell with minutes (paid for in cash).
  99. Entertainment (books on Kindle app, downloaded movies, downloaded music).
  100. Currency (additional cash, gold/silver coins, jewelry, foreign currency, etc).

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