Friday, February 1, 2019

10 Places to Learn Job Skills

Everyone needs job skills.  Getting a college degree isn't a guarantee of marketable job skills and sometimes, when the economy is humming along, people can get into jobs that require no discernible job skills which makes them think they can do "something" but that "something" isn't actually in demand anywhere.  Here are places where you can learn vital job skills that can be useful in any economy:

  1. The military.  Bonus--get paid while you learn! much time do you have?  Be sure your MOS provides for useful skills that can be used in a non-military environment.
  2. Job Corps.  Kind of a job/housing program for wayward young adults, this is a free way to learn some useful job skills and have room and board provided while you learn.
  3. Apprenticeships.  This is a great way to earn while you learn actual hands-on skills.  This is how plumbers, electricians, HVAC folks, pipefitters, etc. become journeymen in their industry.
  4. Certificate programs.  These programs are usually offered at colleges but unlike a full college curriculum, these are short-term training programs for fields like radiology tech, cosmetology, court reporter, etc.
  5. On-the-job training.  Some job fields offer on-the-job training if you test well including police officer, firefighter, 911 call taker, etc.
  6. Entrepreneur.  With some creative thinking and reading a few books, anyone can be an entrepreneur or small business owner.  Can you fill a void in the market?  Can you do a better job than the next guy?  Small businesses run the gamut from dog walkers and handymen to restaurant owners and farmer's market vendors. 
  7. Sales.  Some people have the personality and the knack for selling things.  People can sell small things--clothes at a department store where they get a salary and commission--to big things like cars, houses, or airplanes.  
  8. Market your artistic skills.  Actors, singers, dancers, artists, writers, social media stars--with a bit of training, lots of practice, and a bunch of chutzpah, people can make money from their creative efforts (bonus points for creating something that your receive royalties from).
  9. Teach.  Do you know how to do something that others want to learn?  The teaching field is far-reaching, from teaching English online because you are a native speaker to hosting pop-up events to quickly teach a group of people a skill like how to decorate cupcakes to working as an actual school teacher (some school districts don't even require a college degree to be a teacher!), the ability to impart specific knowledge or skills to your audience is a viable job skill.
  10. Odd--really odd--jobs.  Crime scene cleaner, doula, rat breeder for pet shops, golf ball diver, marital aid tester...there are literally thousands and thousands of really odd jobs that people seem to fall into and with enough diligence and practice they can corner the market--and earn good money--from doing jobs that most people don't even know exists.

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