Monday, December 17, 2018

Gird Your (Economic) Loins

It may be the happiest season of the year but the economy isn't looking so great...

No matter what the economy does, everyone needs to be as prepared to weather a financial storm as they are a winter storm.  If isn't if, but when, these sorts of storms will hit so be prepared by:
  • being debt free
  • paying off your home as quickly as possible
  • having a fairly large emergency fund
  • spreading your investments across a range of products
  • living below your means
  • knowing how to do for yourself (knowledge, skills, tools, etc)
  • having multiple sources of income
  • having good credit
  • having as few bills as possible
  • owning your vehicles free and clear
  • having a stockpile of barterable items (and experience bartering)
  • having a stockpile of food and supplies

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