Wednesday, December 26, 2018

A Year of Microadventures

Here's hoping you throw a few microadventures into your plans for the next year.  Explorer Alastair Humphreys coined the term a few years back when his readers commented that while they would like to go off on a grand adventure like he did, it was virtually impossible with their work and family schedules (and money issues too, of course).  So he challenged people to do short, simple, inexpensive adventures which wouldn't break the bank, make them miss work, or leave the family for long periods of time.

A microadventure could be as simple as setting up the tent in the back yard and camping out with the kids overnight.  You could be dropped off 20 miles away from home and walk home, enjoying the walk and the adventure of the whole thing along the way.  You can do a staycation and play tourist in your own city or take the bus to the next big city and spend the weekend there.  The list of possible microadventures is endless (some more ideas here).

All you need is a rucksack with some basic gear and a place to start then the sky is the limit to what you can experience so be sure to make space in your monthly schedule to experience this unique type of adventure.

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