Saturday, December 8, 2018

10 Ways to Give This Holiday Season

Most of the year we are concerned with acquiring--acquiring stuff for the stockpile, stuff to make our homes safer, cool stuff like firearms and drones--but at this time of year it's good to give back to those in need.  Here's how:

  1. Give blood--it's lifesaving and always needed.
  2. Give to a community-sponsored toy drive like Toys for Tots or other community giving event.
  3. Give to a local food bank which usually start to run low on food at this time of year.
  4. Give your time and volunteer at a food bank, church event, community event, etc.
  5. Give to those in need who you know--babysit for parents who need time to Christmas shop, drop off gifts to families you know that could use them, bring food to ill or elderly friends or relatives, etc.
  6. Drop off food and treats to those who don't get the holiday off like police/fire/hospital staff.
  7. Help strangers--pay off school lunch debt, pay off a stranger's layaway, etc.
  8. Visit a nursing home, VA hospital, or senior center and help out/hang out/entertain those who may not even have visitors during the holiday.
  9. Do a work project during the holidays--help out with a Habitat to Humanity home, shovel snow for the neighbors, help out with a community emergency response (there are lots of big storms in the forecast, help may be needed near your community), etc.
  10. Donate to the homeless (bags with socks, gift cards, easy to eat food, etc are always appreciated).  Note that it is usually a good idea to give these donations through a community homeless shelter/organization; approaching random homeless people on the street can be dangerous.

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