Friday, November 23, 2018

While You Were Out Today...

...a government report on climate change was quietly released this morning.  The report (I've only read the news article, not the actual report) gives a bunch of dire predictions about what will happen as temperatures continue to rise.  If you are planning for your near and long-term future, it just makes sense to plan with how climate change will personally impact you in mind.  Consider:

  • Should you move to a place that will be less impacted by climate change?
  • How will you ensure your water supply (even now wells are drying up and municipal water supplies in some places are at risk)?
  • If crops decline how will you get your food (maybe take up gardening?)?
  • How can you protect yourself against food-borne and water-borne diseases which tend to increase with higher temperatures?
  • How will you ensure your electricity supply when the grid is over taxed (maybe install a solar power system)?
  • Do you live in an area that is more and more likely to be impacted by increased tornadoes, wildfires, and flooding?  How will you deal with these things?
Like many things that move slowly yet inexorably towards a bad outcome, people often focus their attention on more pressing needs then are surprised when the slow moving crisis arrives.  Don't let this happen to you by planning now for what lies ahead.

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