Sunday, November 25, 2018

Our Immigration System Needs a Major Overhaul

Today at the Tijuana border crossing...utter chaos apparently.  Our immigration system is a hot mess and there are several things that need to change.  I would start with repealing the 14th amendment of the Constitution which provides birthright citizenship to anyone who can get to the US and give birth (birth tourism is an actual thing).  Only about 30 countries have birthright citizenship as most countries base a person's citizenship on their parent's citizenship. 

The sponsorship process isn't much better as it allows any immigrant who gains a green card or citizenship to sponsor elderly relatives to come to the US which does nothing for the elderly relative (they usually end up sad and isolated when brought here so late in life) and often makes them a burden on the US social service system.  The asylum process is equally messed up--get your foot on American soil and you can apply for asylum then be left to wander about the country, sometimes for years, until your claim is determined.  That makes no sense at all.  And then there are the people who are granted various types of visas (tourist, education, work, etc), come here, then overstay their visa, often for years, and then just decide to stay here as illegal immigrants.  Those people should be immediately removed from the country and never welcomed back since they took our good faith invitation to come the the US for a specific purpose then decided they would just ignore the rules and stay.

With an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the US, something obviously needs to be done.  And while I generally think Trump is a flaming lunatic, his stance on protecting the borders and keeping people from illegally entering the country makes sense.  We can and should have a welcoming country for people who follow the rules but for those who want to storm the borders and demand their "rights", those folks should be blocked from ever entering the US.

Then there are amnesty and DACA programs which, while well intended, just tells people that they should immigrate illegally then wait until they qualify for an amnesty program (which only encourages more and more people to immigrate illegally since it worked for the last group of illegal immigrants).

I'll stop ranting now as I really see very little hope of common-sense immigration reform and it currently looks like the situation will continue to remain a shit show--or get worse--as more people from other countries demand to go to the country of their choice (not the first safe country but the countries with lots of free benefits).

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