Monday, November 12, 2018

10 Winter Reminders

A few quick reminders for this winter...

  1. When you and your kids/infants get into the car, take off your puffy jackets before belting yourself in.  The danger is that these jackets don't allow you to be snugly seatbelted and in a wreck this could be dangerous.
  2. When it gets to that time of year when you are getting freeze warnings, wrap your water pipes/spigots to avoid burst pipes.
  3. Winter is the most common time for people to die from carbon monoxide poisoning.  Learn how to prevent this.
  4. Be very careful driving in winter weather (it's easy enough to be a complacent driver until you hit the first patch of black ice of the season!).
  5. Dump out your BOB (bug out bag) and modify its contents for the winter season.
  6. Exercise daily starting now.  Not only is it good for your general health but it can prevent winter-related injuries and deaths (like people who keel over dead when they go out to shovel snow after months of inactivity).
  7. If you are in a car accident or your car breaks down, get WAY AWAY from the side of the road or stay in your vehicle; other out-of-control vehicles behind you may not be able to stop (scary video example here).
  8. Prepare your home for winter (better to fix things now rather than deal with problems in the dead of winter).
  9. Winter sports can be a lot of fun but they can also be deadly.  Make sure you, your gear, and your environment are safe and secure at all times.
  10. Be aware of downed power lines (this often happens during wind, ice, and snow storms and these lines can be deadly if you step on/near them).

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