Sunday, November 18, 2018

10 Things to Prep for Today

I'm sure most people who read this blog are already prepared for whatever may happen but I am always surprised when people who live in an area prone to disasters have not prepared at all (a common thing according to people in the burned out wildfire areas of California when interviewed by reporters "we didn't have time to prepare!"  How about six months ago?  A year ago?  Five years ago???).  Today there are plenty of situations that people should be prepared for including:

  1. Winter storms.  They began in earnest last week and according to weather forecasts this should be a pretty cold and snowy winter.
  2. Wildfires.  According to this article, it will be a while before the California fires are finished.
  3. Brexit.  Folks in the UK are preparing now for potential disruptions and economic problems.
  4. Christmas.  You have about 37 days to prepare.
  5. Earthquakes.  Earthquakes can hit anywhere, anytime and "the big one" has been predicted for the west coast for years.
  6. Flu.  The flu seasons hasn't been bad so far but the season hasn't reached its peak yet so prepare accordingly.
  7. Thanksgiving week.  Its starting now actually so be ready whether you decide to travel far, travel near, or just stick around home.
  8. Your food pantry.  This week and leading up to Christmas, grocery stores will offer great deals on staples like baking needs and canned foods, fatten up your food stockpile on the cheap this way. 
  9. Winter camping.  If you haven't tried it now is a good time to give it a try in a nearby, with your vehicle sort of way.  It's a good skill to learn.
  10. Your gear.  Whether you need to improve your tech gear, your winter clothing gear, or your outdoor gear (REI's big sale ends tomorrow) now is a good time to do this with so many sales going on.

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