Tuesday, November 20, 2018

10 Prepper Buys for Black Friday and Cyber Sunday

If you must buy during Black Friday and Cyber Monday (personally I don't think anyone needs to fight through massive crowds to buy anything, I'd rather pay a little extra to avoid being trampled), consider buying items that will be useful during a disaster such as...

  1. USB drives and micro SD cards (to back up all of your data/photos/videos).
  2. A bicycle (to use both for exercise and as a bug out vehicle alternative).
  3. A home security system (everything from a Ring doorbell camera to a complete system).
  4. An upgraded cell phone (some of these can replace everything from your camera to your tablet or even laptop depending on how you use it).
  5. A generator (for power outages during winter storms).
  6. Firearms (always a great gift, for yourself or others, during the holidays).
  7. A dog (shelters often hold sales to clear out their animals around this time of year; they make a great companion and a good first alert to ward off burglars).
  8. Outdoor gear (from tents and sleeping bags to backpacks and binoculars, sale outdoor gear is a great addition to your emergency gear).
  9. A fitness tracker (if it will inspire you/your giftee to get on an exercise program).
  10. Outdoor clothing (down jackets, rain shells, log underwear, wool socks...this is a great opportunity to buy high end gear for low prices).

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