Saturday, November 3, 2018

10 Items to Carry At All Times to Protect Your Health

Your EDC bag should include the following items to protect your health:

  1. Condom.  Prevents STDs and unwanted children.
  2. Disposable dust mask.  Don't breathe in particulate matter, it's bad for your lungs.
  3. Nitrile gloves.  Prevents blood born pathogen exposure if you roll up on an emergency.
  4. Packet of cayenne pepper.  Clots blood quickly.
  5. Tourniquet.  Stops bleeding in an emergency.
  6. Disposable coin towel.  Just add water and you have a full-sized towel.
  7. Alcohol wipes.  Good for disinfecting things, cleaning hands, and as an emergency fire starter.
  8. Mylar blanket.  To stave off hypothermia and these other uses.
  9. Tampon.  For its official purpose and these other uses.
  10. Emergency food ration tablets.  High calorie tablets to keep you from starving in an emergency.

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