Thursday, September 27, 2018

National Preparedness Month Day 27--Continuing Education

When it comes to being prepared, it isn't a "one and done" sort of thing.  In order to be ready for anything--and to be knowledgeable about the most current threats and how to deal with them--you need to continually educate yourself on a range of preparedness topics.  To do this, you should:

  • Read or watch the news from a variety of sources on a daily basis.
  • Take classes as they come available in your community which can help you become more prepared (shooting class at the range, "Stop the Bleed" class at your local hospital, CERT classes and activities, etc).
  • Volunteer in your community to keep your skills sharp.
  • Experiment at home.  Set up a HAM radio station, install a couple solar panels, camp out in the back yard, etc.
  • Read incessantly on the topic (there are millions of pages online on preparedness and survival topics).
  • Grow a garden and provide more and more of your family's food.
  • Teach others survival and preparedness skills in your community (as a Red Cross volunteer, at your kid's scouting meetings, etc).

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