Thursday, August 23, 2018

10 "Best Buys"

Here's ten of the best things I've bought/acquired that are well worth the money...

  1. Parks passes (National Parks and state parks).  Saves A LOT of money over the daily fee.
  2. Quality firearms (Sig, H & K, Glock, etc).  Hold their value and with care will last for many, many years.
  3. Swiss Army Knife.  I've carried it for decades and it still works like it was new.
  4. Quality daypack/backpack (Gregory, Osprey).  They have lifetimes warranties and last for years.
  5. Super Feet.  The best insoles I've ever had.  Reasonably priced and makes walking/running long distances much easier.
  6. Cast iron skillet.  My grandmother gave it to me when I was a teenager and it still works perfectly.  I think she picked it up sometime in the 1930s so...longevity.
  7. Quality shoes (Brooks, Merrills, Keens).  You will never see me in Nikes or other "popular" footwear.  Well made, high quality shoes are worth the extra money for comfort and performance.
  8. Miyabi knives.  If you cook a lot, a great set of knives is worth their weight in gold.
  9. Vitamix blender.  Again, since I use this appliance nearly everyday, it is well worth the money to buy a high quality unit that won't need to be replaced, well, ever.
  10. Darn Tough socks.  These are comfortable and wear like iron (probably why they have a lifetime warranty).

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