Sunday, July 22, 2018

Stockpiling Food

I came across this offering at Costco (36,000 servings of canned emergency food for a cool $6000) and have several concerns...

  • People will need to rotate some of this food out faster than other items because some items have a 30 year shelf life and some have a three year shelf life.
  • Are people really going to eat this if they rotate their stored food on a regular basis or will it sit in the basement for 30 years then end up in a dumpster?
  • I don't see any "common" food products like tomatoes, peanut butter, nuts, spices, leavener, etc.
  • Only four types of vegetables???
  • It's better than long-term starvation I guess...
OTOH, I would suggest...
  • Stockpiling foods that you actually eat and rotating the food fairly often into your regular pantry.
  • Try for a really wide range of food items which will add variety to your diet.
  • Stockpile a lot of food that doesn't require water to prepare (which may be quite limited during a disaster).
  • Stockpile food that can be used for big parties (a good way to get rid of food before you replace it) or food that would be welcomed by your neighborhood food pantry (some people regularly donate food from their stockpile before they replace it).
  • Stockpile food slowly instead of shelling out $6000 at once unless $6000 is pocket change for you then do whatever you want.

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