Wednesday, June 20, 2018

10 Things to Have on Hand at All Times

The extended family has been dealing with crisis after crisis recently including a heart attack followed by open heart surgery, an arrest (which is heading for trial and most likely prison), a death, an emergency trip overseas...there's probably more but they escape me right now.  In nearly all of these cases, being proactive can alleviate some of the problem by being prepared ahead of time.  Ten things you want to always have on hand to deal with a crisis include:

  1. A valid passport.
  2. A Will, Living Will, and Medical Power of Attorney.
  3. An emergency fund (the more cash you can lay your hands on the better).
  4. Insurance (health, auto, home, life, and long term care).
  5. A Bug Out Bag (or at least a packed overnight bag).
  6. Transportation (valid driver's license, insurance, and a vehicle).
  7. Paid days off to take care of yourself or an ill relative (either paid time off from your job, sick leave, or self-funded days off).
  8. Someone to help you (lawyer, CPA, care giver, friend...people who can help you out during a crisis are invaluable).
  9. All of your important files and personal information at your fingertips (aka on your cell phone).
  10. Knowledge.  Learn how to respond to any kind of crisis whether medical, legal, logistical, financial, etc.

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