Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Having Alexa Hardwired into Your House WCGW?

From the mother of all bad ideas file...this article says that all new homes built by Lennar will have Google's Alexa service built in.  That's an awful idea IMHO...

  • I DON'T use these listening devices in my home.  They can be hacked, they can listen in on your conversations, they can be used to track you.  No thanks.  I want to keep what little privacy I have left.
  • Why this particular brand when there are other competitors such as Google Home, Apple HomePod, and probably countless other competitors in the future?
  • What if this particular brand goes out of business or the technology goes in a totally different direction?
  • How easy will it be for law enforcement to get a search warrant for the information gathered by this device?  Pretty easy probably.
  • How easy would it be for the neighborhood kid to hack into your system and know everything that is going on in your house?  Ditto.
  • Once a lot of homes are hard-wired into the system, how long will it take the company to add additional software to do other things that you weren't expecting (like targeting ads or regurgitating propaganda news to you day in and day out)?
While there is hardly any privacy left for the average person, this sort of intrusive technology is beyond the pale and an overall terrible idea for anyone to welcome into their home.

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