Monday, May 14, 2018

5 Disasters to Prepare for Now

In a lot of prepper forums you will find people talking about preparing for all sorts of SHTF disasters.  Total apocalypse?  Check.  Complete collapse of the government?  Check.  Zombie attack?  That too.  What people really need to prepare for is a lot less glamorous than those sorts of things.  There are quite a few "boring" disasters that you are much more likely to experience compared to say, your city being invaded and you being forced to flee to the hills.  These include:

  1. Job loss.  How would you pay next month's bills (and the month after that) if you suddenly find yourself without a job?  Is your resume up to date as well as your networking?  What if you can't find a job for eight to ten months, then what?
  2. Medical crisis.  As you age it's pretty much when, not if, you or a loved one will face a medical crisis.  Even younger folks aren't immune from things like car wrecks and other accidental injuries that could lay them up for weeks or even months.  What would you do in this instance?  How would you pay the bills?  Who would take care of you while you recuperate?  Is your home functional enough for someone who is bed-ridden or in a wheel chair?
  3. Home robbery/burglary.  About two million homes are burglarized each year.  While we hope your home is never a target, it isn't as remote a possibility as most people think.  Do you take proactive steps to prevent burglaries and are you prepared to come face-to-face with a robber?
  4. Weather emergency.  Pretty much anywhere people live, they can count on facing some sort of weather emergency.  Winter storms, excessive heat, hurricanes, tornadoes...what are the most common types of weather emergencies you are likely to face where you live and are you prepared for these?
  5. Common disasters.  If you watch the national news, you know that run-of-the-mill disasters regularly make the evening news.  Earthquakes, wildfires, even bridge collapses and homes exploding because of natural gas leaks are unexpected but not uncommon disasters that regular people face quite often.  Are you prepared for such events?

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