Friday, April 6, 2018

10 Uncommon Things to Put in Your Medical Kit

Here are ten items you might not think to include in your medical kits but are quite useful in an emergency:

  1. Acidophilous.  Fixes stomach issues.
  2. Super Glue.  To glue cuts back together.
  3. Cayenne pepper packets.  To stop bleeding.
  4. Duct tape.  To pull cut skin together.
  5. Small bottles of whiskey.  To sterilize instruments, dull pain, and calm nerves.
  6. Sugar packets.  For diabetic (low blood sugar) emergencies and to treat wounds.
  7. Tube of Vaseline.  To put on wounds, treat other skin ailments, and other survival uses.
  8. Tampons.  For its obvious use, to stop bleeding, and other survival uses.
  9. Tea Tree Oil.  For use an an antiseptic, anti fungal, and many other uses.
  10. Packets of honey.  To heal wounds, for sore throats, etc.

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