Wednesday, April 11, 2018

10 Prepper Things for A Dollar

New preppers think they need to off-load a lot of cash in order to become better prepared for a disaster.  Here are ten prepper items you can buy/make for only $1!

  1. Make a "Fancy Fest" camp stove.
  2. Buy a gallon of bleach at the $1 Store and purify hundreds of gallons of water.
  3. Hit up the Dollar Store for individually packaged alcohol wipes--they make great fire starters.
  4. You can also buy paracord at the $1 store--here's 100 survival uses for the stuff.
  5. You can buy a gallon of water at the store for under $1; it's even cheaper to use those self-serve water filling machines.
  6. Healthcare items can be had for cheap at the Dollar Store--aspirin, pain reliever, bandaids, toothbrushes, etc.
  7. Buy loss leader/sale food at your local grocery store and put it aside for an emergency (soups, ramen, etc).
  8. When you pick up a $1 burger or $1 taco at your local fast food place, grab some extra condiments to add to your stockpile (packets of salt, pepper, sugar, creamer, hot sauce, etc).
  9. Shop the Goodwill or other thrift store on half-off day and see what you can find for under $1 (I've found wool sweaters, storage containers, sewing stuff, etc).
  10. Other Dollar Store survival items: tarp, bungie cords, fishing stuff, duct tape, wooden matches, etc.

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