Thursday, March 22, 2018

8 Kidnapping Resources

While kidnapping isn't common in the US (it does happen but many Amber alerts go out for custodial kidnapping which is different than stranger kidnapping), it is a common practice in many other countries.  Often it isn't so much that people want to steal a child but that people will kidnap targets--often adults who appear to have money--as a way to raise ransom money which they use to further their cause, whatever that cause may be.  Whether you are an international traveler, a teen on spring break, or work for a multinational company which requires you to live and work in various countries, here are eight kidnapping resources:

  1. Follow some basic steps to avoid being a victim of kidnapping.
  2. Attend a "kidnapping survival school".
  3. Purchase kidnap and ransom insurance.
  4. Have a kidnapping extrication team on speed dial.
  5. Consider traveling with a security team.
  6. Consider carrying a GPS tracker...or even implanting one.
  7. Avoid places where kidnapping is common.
  8. Learn how to escape a kidnapper.

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