Wednesday, March 21, 2018

10 Things to Do With Your Food Stockpile

So you have your six months to a year's worth of emergency food stockpiled, it's neatly arranged in a temperature and humidity controlled room, and of course it's dated to keep it in order.  But what do you do with it?  You can...

  1. Rotate it into your regular pantry food; sort of the first in, first out theory of stockpiling food this way nothing ever becomes old and inedible.
  2. Donate the older stuff to a food bank and restock on a regular basis.
  3. Use the older stuff when you throw a party in order to feed everyone then restock.
  4. Give stuff that may age out or which the family no longer eats to those in need (friends, family members, neighbors, etc).
  5. Use it for your camping/backpacking trips then restock.
  6. Use it to feed emergency responders during a disaster response in your area then restock.
  7. Bury the older stuff in a super secret TEOTWAWKI cache.
  8. Give the older stuff to random homeless people you see on the streets.
  9. Do a month or two "no spend" challenge and live off of your food stockpile, then restock.
  10. Use the older stuff to train the kids or grandkids how to cook in an emergency, using the food as real props, then restock.

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