Friday, February 2, 2018

Prepping for February

My prepping list for February looks like this:

  • Do taxes.  Everything is ready to go and should be filed within the next week.
  • Super Bowl.  It will be this Sunday...I need to get myself to a sports book to make a small bet.
  • Valentine's Day.  A reminder not to forget this holiday, some people find it quite important.
  • Spring landscaping.  Yes it is already spring in the desert Southwest.  I usually do a major landscaping project each spring.
  • Air conditioner and furnace annual maintenance.  Since we aren't using either right now, it is a good time to do the annual maintenance before air conditioning season starts in a month or two.
  • Rotate stored food and water in the home, vehicle, BOB, and EDC bag.
  • Call around for home and auto insurance.  Our rates got jacked up again so I will do some phoning around to see if it is possible to lower these rates.
  • Home repairs.  There are several small jobs I have been putting off (like changing the wax rings in several bathrooms which I am not looking forward to) that need to be done soon.
  • Hiking.  The weather is perfect this month so it is a great time to get some hiking in.
  • A major home improvement project.  The spouse is set on getting tile floors that look like wood floors.  But we already have wood floors I say.  Yes but tile that looks like wood is better.  Uh OK...
  • Shooting practice.  I've been lax on this over the past month and need to get back into regular practice.

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