Sunday, February 4, 2018

10 Thoughts on the Super Bowl

In random order...

  1. Get your bets in.  I bet on the Pats and since they are -4.5 favorites, well I won't win much money.
  2. And then there are prop bets.  Always interesting to see what people think will happen with these.
  3. Don't drink and drive.  Really.  Tipsy Tow is working in some areas today so take them, a taxi, an Uber...anything to avoid driving buzzed or drunk.
  4. Although it is a myth that domestic violence surges during the Super Bowl, the fact that it is a big problem year round is still an important issue.
  5.  Break out the food.  Food and football are kind of synonymous, so you might as well do it up right for this quasi-holiday.
  6. Hypocritical to be sure, but while I do enjoy me a good Super Bowl game, there is no way I would let the kids play football these days due to the overwhelming evidence that football causes traumatic brain injury.
  7. A Super Bowl party is my kind of socialization--I don't have to socialize much, just watch the game.  Go Pats.
  8. Gotta love the desert southwest weather at this time of year (75 degrees) whereas Minneapolis is hovering around 0. 
  9. There are way too many commercials in the Super Bowl.
  10. Not sure how I ever enjoyed watching the game years ago when the TV was the size of a small cardboard box.  Gotta love oversized big screen TVs.
Hope you all are enjoying the game today.

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