Thursday, January 18, 2018

Did You Know an Entire Major City Will Soon Be Out of Water?

I'm not talking about some time way in the future.  Cape Town South Africa is scheduled to run out of water within 100 days.  Can you imagine what would happen if your city ran out of water completely?  In the case of Cape Town, four million people will be severely impacted by this.

Scientists have been saying for years that the world will run out of fresh water at some fuzzy point in the future but maybe now people will take this catastrophic event more seriously when they see how a major city will deal with millions of people and no water for them to drink.  And while Cape Town may be many thousands of miles away on another continent, this drought map shows that there are many places around the US that are getting low on water.

A severe drought, or in this case, completely running out of water, is not only a huge problem for the locals (having to go get a daily ration of water, no green lawns, not even enough water to properly bathe with) but it will impact every facet of society (tourism, economic, civil breakdown, possibly many people fleeing the city).  Here are other ways the lack of water will impact the city.

While there is not much we, as individuals, can do about drought and civic water conservation projects, we can plan for the future.  Maybe moving to a place with a good supply of water and a lower chance of drought?  Learning some extreme water conservation skills?  Here are some ways to prepare for a potential drought (this is by no means a long-term plan).  Most importantly, pay attention to what is happening in your community.  Is your community proactive about drought planning?  Does your community rely on a variety of water sources or only one?  Does your community have a comprehensive water management plan?

This is definitely a topic preppers will need to keep an eye on in the future.

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