Wednesday, December 27, 2017

End of the Year Tasks

With only a few days left until the new year, and this being a pretty quiet week, I am wrapping up a bunch of end-of-the-year tasks...

  • House maintenance: checking batteries in the smoke detectors and CO2 detectors, making sure the fire extinguishers are charged, changing the furnace filters, doing a bit of work on the landscaping, and "spring cleaning" the house (shampooing carpets, deep cleaning the house, cleaning out closets, etc.).
  • Financial maintenance:  pulling my annual credit report to check it for errors, making last minute tax deductible charity donations, emailing my CPA to determine if there are other financial tasks I should do before the end of the year (with the recently passed tax bill there will be some significant changes for many people next year).
  • Prepping stuff:  we used a bunch of our food stocks this past week when the big family holiday gathering was switched from LA to Las Vegas--we ended up cooking for dozens of people over a few days and used up some of our food stocks (spaghetti for 50? easy peasy with our stockpile).  So stockpiled food will be purchased and rotated.  Also the home and vehicle BOBs will be dumped out, reviewed, and revised as necessary.
  • Goals for next year:  "I solemnly swear I will eat better next year..." or something like that.  Actually my list of new year resolutions is pretty sparse for the upcoming year since everything seems to be running OK as it is but I will try to get in a bunch of early registrations for running events I want to participate in, make an effort to eat better, and attempt to blog here every single day next year(!). 
  • New Year's Eve celebration plans:  that's a big negative.  We did the Las Vegas Strip thing for new year's eve the first year we lived here and that was the first, last, and only time we will do that.  It will probably be a quiet evening in on the 31st.

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