Thursday, October 12, 2017

Las Vegas Shooting Conspiracy?

I usually think conspiracy theorists are a couple bottles short of a six pack.  In the case of the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas, however, the wacky conspiracy theorist are making more sense than the official press releases provided by the local police and FBI.

Weird, never-to-be-resolved crime is not an uncommon thing in Las Vegas.  There was the case of the Mayor's son, a judge, who was found beaten in a public restroom, in a case that wasn't reported until a couple of weeks after it happened and never resolved.  There was the county commissioner's weird drama with his girlfriend which ended with a suicide attempt and that was the end of that.  Then there was the Tammy Myers shooting which started out as a random road rage incident and turned out to be people who knew each other which ended with one dead and more questions than answers.  In these and other cases, details are released that make absolutely no sense.

With the confusing and conflicting details released about the Vegas mass shooting, about the only thing people are sure about is that a lot of innocent people were killed and injured at the Harvest Music Festival on October 1.  Other than that, the who, what, when, where, why, and how questions all remain unanswered in any sort of definitive way. 

On the one hand, people generally like to believe what the authorities who are investigating such an event determine through their investigative process.  On the other hand, you can't put it past the government to plant a false flag or conduct some other illegal operation and try to cover it up.

Which brings us to the case of the Las Vegas mass shooter that makes absolutely no sense, at least as far as the who (some rich old white guy), what (mass shooting? false flag? gun running set up gone wrong?), when (the timeline keeps changing after the powers that be realize each incarnation of the timeline makes less and less sense), where (32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay? was there a second shooter?), how (how did some very normal guy plan and execute the largest mass shooting in US history?), and why (why???  no answer to that one even after 12 days of investigating).

I'm more inclined to agree with this guy's analysis of the situation that anything I have heard from law enforcement to date.  Some other theories can be found hereAnd here.

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