Monday, September 25, 2017

10 Things to Be Concerned About Besides the NFL

I prefer my football without a side of politics.  IMHO, if your job is to play football then play football and do your protesting in your off hours.  On the other hand, there are plenty of things people should be concerned about that are much more important than who is throwing a tantrum on football Sunday...

  1. The Obamacare situation.  People need healthcare insurance.  There is no way that individuals can ever hope to pay for a medical event--from a seriously broken leg to a heart attack--out of pocket.  A bi-partisan, comprehensive plan to ensure that all Americans can pay a reasonable price for insurance and that they won't have to file for bankruptcy after a medical incident should be the goal.
  2. The North Korea situation.  Two boys in a pissing contest that could end with nuclear armageddon.  Not that I think that either person can be reasoned with, but it would be nice if people in South Korea, Japan, and the west coast of the US don't have to worry about ending up in a mushroom cloud.
  3. The Puerto Rico situation.  Puerto Rico is an American territory and right now the island appears to be just a step up from the stone age, infrastructure-wise.  They could use a great deal of attention and help.
  4. The Equifax situation.  Yes it is a big deal if the identities of 143 million Americans gets stolen  and used for scams and identity theft.
  5. The influenza situation.  In the US, the flu season is just ahead and it looks like it might be a pretty severe one.  Each flu season, many people die from the flu, so this should be a serious concern for people.
  6. The church shooting situation.  In yet another mass shooting this weekend, it seems you can hardly walk out your door without becoming a potential target for a deranged shooter.
  7. The DACA situation.  Fixing the immigration mess in the US has been a hot potato issue for many decades.  There needs to be an actual hard fix to the issue, not a throw-up-our-hands-and-offer-amnesty every few decades because the US is overwhelmed with illegal immigrants.
  8. The social media influence situation.  Whether people are fully aware of it or not, a small number of tech and social media companies are ruling their lives and influencing how they think.  That's a pretty scary thing if you think about it.
  9. The climate change situation.  According to scientific data, the world's climate is changing and not for the better.  This will have a huge impact on everything from mass migration to sea level change to food production.  Important stuff that...
  10. The money situation.  Whether it is less pay because jobs are being shipped overseas, fewer people receiving pensions which could put their retirement at risk, massive student debt, sharply increasing housing costs, or suffocating debt, Americans are facing a host of financial issues that will have long-term consequences.

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