Wednesday, June 28, 2017

It's a (Cyber) War Zone Out There

Cyber attacks have been around nearly as long as the internet (way waaaay back in the day we would hack into our college servers but that was before cyber security was even a thing and professors would ask nicely that whoever was accessing their servers please stop doing that).  Unfortunately the cyber attacks we are seeing these days are no joke and instead of being an annoyance that needs a quick fix, the things hackers are doing these days can impact--in a very bad way--ordinary people's everyday lives.

Can you imagine showing up for surgery and having it cancelled due to a cyber attack on your hospital?  It's happening now.  Can you imagine having your critical data held hostage?  The nuclear power plant down the road being hacked?  The major food companies being brought to a stand still?  Those things are happening too.

In the grand scheme of things, the ordinary person is pretty helpless when it comes to relying on the powers that be to secure our major infrastructure.  However, on a personal level, there are things you can do to preemptively head off major issues when it comes to massive cyber attacks...

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