Saturday, February 11, 2017

10 Things You Should Do Right This Minute

With all of the political turmoil and uncertainty, who knows what will happen next.  To have a minimum level of preparedness, and in order to respond to whatever happens, do these ten things as soon as possible:
  1. Pack a BOB.  Right now.  Today.  Compartmentalize it so that you will have a number of options at the drop of a hat--bugging out to the wilderness, hopping on a plane and flying overseas, etc.
  2. Get a passport.  It remains to be seen how long a US passport will be in the top ranking of passports but better to be safe than sorry if you need to leave the country in a hurry.
  3. Put aside cash and cash equivalents.  A minimum of $5000 is good.  More is better.  You can put some of this in a bank (unfortunately these funds can be seized so there is that), but always have enough cash on hand to get you far far away from where you currently are.
  4. Focus on your health.  Let's face it, most Americans will drop dead from preventable diseases before any other sort of disaster kills them.  Take control of your health by exercising, eating right, and taking care of your overall health which will put you way ahead of the crowd should the worst (political disaster, natural disaster, etc) happen.
  5. Diversify your income.  Stat.  In these tumultuous financial times, having one source of income (for most people this means earning a paycheck) is a recipe for financial disaster.  Businesses close without warning, industries die don't want to be standing there in a daze if your only source of income is here today and gone tomorrow.  By next month you should have earned money from at least a half dozen other sources besides your regular job.
  6. Prepare to Bug In.  Bugging in is optimal for most people in most disasters.  In a well-stocked, well-prepared house, you can hang out for quite a while in relative comfort.
  7. Travel, especially in third-world countries.  Wait, didn't you just tell me to prepare to stay home?  The fact is that political upheaval can force you out of your home--and even out of your country--with very little notice.  By traveling now you will learn the skills you need to survive as a nomad anywhere in the world.
  8. Learn continually.  The more skills you have under your belt the better off you will be.  In a survival situation of any sort--wilderness bug out situation, as a reality TV show contestant, when a natural disaster strikes, etc--the person who has learned hundreds of useful skills has a much greater chance of surviving compared to someone whose only skill is leveling up to the triple digits in Skyrim. 
  9. Make your preps triple-redundant.  So you have one friend you can count on during a disaster?  Try to up that count to three.  If you have only prepared one way to evacuate (by car) consider a couple more alternatives (motorcycle, bicycle).  If your only form of emergency communication is via cell phone, learn something about HAM radio and VoIP.  You get the idea...
  10. Turn down the chatter.  With the barrage of negative social media, "fake news", "alternative facts", and the rest of the crap you are exposed to on a daily basis, you now have to take proactive steps to bring some sanity to your everyday existence.  Try to do more interesting things and participate less in stress-inducing social media platforms. 

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