Saturday, February 18, 2017

11 Quick Things You Should Know Today

In no particular order...

  1. Monday is President's Day, it is also fee-free day for our National Parks.
  2. Want to see how aligned (or unaligned) your congressperson is with Trump?  Here's a chart.
  3. For coding geeks out there, this HTML reference chart is quite useful.
  4. Feeling overwhelmed by information overload?  Here is a long but interesting read.
  5. Here is some mandatory evacuation expense info from FEMA.
  6. And here is a fascinating "citizen scientist" project from NASA.
  7. Considering a prepping conference?  Here are 15 to choose from.
  8. Did you know that boarder patrol can search your cell phone anytime they want to?  Apparently they can.
  9. Think you can outlast the hunters on the new TV show Hunted?  Here's where you can apply to give it a shot.
  10. Planning a quick trip to visit all of the state capitals in the US?  Here's a map of the fastest route.
  11. Immigration status (or the lack there of) is a huge deal these days.  Although our current system is a convoluted mess, here is a quiz to see if you qualify to stay in the US.

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