Saturday, December 10, 2016

6 Fantastic Deals

It's been busy around here hence the dearth of posts (which should pick up again after the first of the year).  Anyway...

  1. If you are looking for great deals on survival and prepper gear, check out Deal News.  Everyday this site collates all of the best deals on the web into one huge list which makes shopping for great deals a whole lot easier.
  2. Speaking of Deal News, when I was perusing the site a couple days ago, I saw that there was a great deal for the 2017 Canadian National Parks pass--it was FREE!  So of course I ordered one because I do get up to Canada a couple times a year and free is a very good price.
  3. For those of you with Amazon Prime (which I use; free two day shipping and so many movies to download and watch for free sold me on the deal), you can now get a free month of streaming HBO here.  Like I said, free is a very good price.  Just don't forget to cancel at the end of the free trial period or you will end up paying the monthly subscription fee.
  4. If you are giving gift cards for the holidays, check out Raise.  This website offers discounts on gift cards so while you may be giving a $50 card to one of many popular stores and restaurants as a present, you will actually be paying less than $50 for the gift!
  5. Tech Bargains is another site to check out for great deals on tech and other items.  Like Deal News, this site is updated many times each day and you can find some pretty good bargains on survival and prepper items here.
  6. At Overstock you can sometimes find great deals on emergency preparedness supplies (among tons of other things).  Need $3700 worth of stored water?  They have that.

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