Tuesday, November 1, 2016

It's the First Day of November...

...which means...

  • NaNoWriMo starts today.  If you have always wanted to write a novel this may be the impetus you need to get busy (and with self publishing being easier than ever why not give it a shot?).
  • Daylight savings time ends this weekend.  Set your clocks back on Saturday night for those of you where "spring forward, fall back" is a thing.
  • Thanksgiving (in the US) will take place in a few weeks.  Instead of scrambling with the crowds to gather the food you need for the holiday feast a few days before the event, write out your holiday meal list then buy the ingredients you need each time you go to the store (start with canned and boxed items like stuffing and cranberry sauce then get the fresh items like rolls and vegetables closer to the holiday).  And be careful if you plan on deep frying your turkey.
  • Christmas is also right around the corner so if you haven't started yet, buy gifts, a few at a time starting now, so you don't end up overwhelmed (and deeply in debt) because you end up buying last minute gifts for full price.
  • It's been a mild autumn but the Old Farmers Almanac is predicting a pretty brutal winter so all the preps you can get in now will be well worth it when the worst of the weather hits.  Stockpile food and water and toilet paper and all of the other things people run out to the store for right before a forecasted storm hits.  Make sure your alternate heating and cooking sources are working.  Add insulation, clean out the gutters, and generally get your house in order as soon as possible.
  • Make it a goal to clear out at least one of your debts before the end of the year.  The overall goal is to be debt free but if you aren't quite there yet, pick up some extra gigs, get gazelle intense, and get yourself financially solvent as soon as possible.
  • And here is a fun way to dispose of your Halloween pumpkins (if you happen to have easy roof access and a vat of liquid nitrogen handy).

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