Tuesday, October 4, 2016

In October...

...the election is coming up in November.  Are you registered to vote?  Are you as disappointed as I am that the candidates we have to choose from for the highest office in the land are appalling one and all?
...October is earthquake preparedness month.  The Great Shake Out will take place on October 20th.  Participate.  Be prepared.
...speaking of earthquakes.  A rare earthquake advisory was issued for Southern California this past weekend which was odd because earthquakes really can't be predicted with any certainty (and in fact the aforementioned earthquake didn't happen).  Cue part of the population going into freak out mode because of what they were sure would happen.  Cue runs to the store and panicked last minute preparedness tasks.  I highly recommend being prepared for anything, any time.  Whether it is a hurricane, snow storm, or possible earthquake, you should be prepared today for any of these problems with no need to run to the store for supplies should any of these things happen tomorrow.
...I was mildly disappointed that the October Surprise wasn't.  A surprise that is.  The surprise was on the people who were waiting for it to happen (at the God awful hour of 1am) when absolutely nothing happened.
...the Vice Presidential debate will take place this evening.  I hesitate to call it an actual debate when only two of the more than half dozen vice presidential contenders are invited to participate.  Ditto the presidential debates.
...and it may be October but watch out for bears...

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