Friday, September 2, 2016

10 Weapons to Carry

It seems the world is getting more dangerous by the day (statistically this isn't so, anecdotally--whether due to social media or news stations needing something to fill up their broadcasts--it seems so).  Here are ten weapons you may want to consider carrying on a daily basis:

  1. Pepper Spray (pepper spray laws)
  2. A knife (knife laws by state)
  3. A tactical pen (a short discussion on tactical pen carry here)
  4. A taser (stun gun laws vary by state, check here to see if this is legal in your state)
  5. A self defense key chain (examples here)
  6. A cane, umbrella, or collapsible baton (video of how to use this here)
  7. Hand-to-hand combat (one of the last options for self defense but it is good to have these skills anyway)
  8. Personal safety alarm (example of how to use one here)
  9. Other self defense carry items (some legal, some not so legal)
  10. A gun (provided you are licensed and well trained with such a weapon.  Gun laws by state here).

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