Friday, July 15, 2016

When the World Is Falling Down Around Your Ears...

Did you notice that I mentioned in a post last week that I would leave space in this week's posting schedule for yet another random attack/mass murder?  Well last night's attack in Nice, France fits the bill (unfortunately).  But really, what is there left to say?  On the surface you could say that:

  • People are violent and crazy
  • You always need to be aware, armed, and ready to protect yourself
  • Large crowds make a pretty good target
It is also true that:
And as I write this, there is a coup going on in Turkey, but I digress...

The answer?  Your guess is as good as mine.  My suggestions:
  • Live in a rural area with a homogeneous population (where there is racial, religious, educational, and income parity).  Although some research shows this may not be the safest overall option.
  • Seclude yourself on your own property
  • Grow your own food, make as much of the things you need as possible
  • Use online ordering and delivery (Amazon, Costco, etc) for your other needs
  • Participate in your local (small, isolated) community; this will provide a social safety net
  • Develop a way to work remotely instead of going into an office everyday
  • Cut down dramatically on the in-bound media messages you receive (I've been to some remote places where news of the outside world came in about once a month.  It was nice.)
In essence, plan and prepare like there will be a SHTF event tomorrow...but hope for the best anyway.


  1. Been following cni for many years. One of my favorites was things to be, do, and have. Ever consider doing an updated version after a decade?