Thursday, July 14, 2016

Extreme Challenges

How fit are you?  Could you outrun an attacker?  Could you do an entire P90x workout without requiring medical assistance?  If it comes down to run, hide, or fight and the first two options aren't available would you be able to do the third?

Since I believe everyone should be relatively fit and everyone should have a goal, and since a friend of mine is getting ready to do the Colorado 200 (yep, that's a no so leisurely 200 mile run), I thought I would suggest you set a physical goal and go for it.  For some people this might mean a marathon and for others it might mean walking a community 5k fun run.  No matter what point you are at physically, make it a goal to get in better shape.  If you really want to set a very difficult physical fitness goal, consider these options:

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