Tuesday, July 26, 2016

30 Ways to Save--And Stretch--Your Money

There are A LOT of ways to save money.  Here's 30 interesting ways to stretch your hard-earned money:

  1. See if you qualify for a class action rebate.
  2. Check Deal News regularly.
  3. Check out the Reddit Deals subreddit.
  4. And the Freebies subreddit.
  5. If you are a senior citizen, take advantage of these discounts.
  6. Also check out these deals for seniors.
  7. Sign up for a bunch of birthday freebies.
  8. If you are a current or retired military member check out these discounts.
  9. Get a discount when you visit our National Parks.
  10. If you visit  your state parks often, see if they offer discount passes as well.
  11. See if you qualify for any of your county tax exemption programs.
  12. Participate in a free land program.
  13. Try out extreme couponing.
  14. Get your tax return prepared for free.
  15. If you are going to have credit cards, make sure to get some extra rewards.
  16. Low income folks can often get utility discounts from their county or state.
  17. Check out PPARX for free and low cost medications.
  18. Buy an OTA antenna and cut cable.
  19. Get your free annual credit report and contest any incorrect information.
  20. Choose free banking account options.
  21. Determine if a warehouse club membership will save you money.
  22. Point your kids towards free university options.
  23. American students can also take advantage of free and cheap universities around the world.
  24. Challenge your property tax assessment if you think you have a case.
  25. Check out your local library for free books, music, e books, performances, etc.
  26. If you tend to eat out a lot, pick up an Entertainment Book (these are also good for vacation destinations too).
  27. For purchases you are going to make anyway, buy discounted gift cards to save even more.
  28. Learn how to get store discounts.
  29. Ask for discounts on your insurance.
  30. Use special buying programs like True Car to get a discount on your next vehicle purchase.

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