Saturday, July 9, 2016

20 Things Every Household Should Have

In this age of uncertainty (and riots and chronic economic issues and a contentious presidential race and a contentious Soviet Union, etc), EVERY household should have the following items, whether you live in a tent or a mansion:

  1. Cash.  Amount varies but keep it locked up and secured and only use it for an emergency.
  2. Food.  Enough to last for a month of not going to the grocery store.
  3. Water.  Enough to last for a week or two (longer if practical).
  4. Home security system.  Everything from deadbolt locks and fences to a video system and panic alarm.  You need to be able to keep the casual invader out of your abode.
  5. Alternate sources for lighting, heating, and cooking (in case of a long-term power outage).
  6. Sources of information and knowledge.  That means books.  How-to books, books about survival and old time skills, etc.
  7. Weapons.  Gun if you have/like them, pepper spray, a baseball bat, etc.
  8. Bug out gear.  In case you absolutely must leave your home.
  9. Medical supplies.  In case you can't leave your home, EMS isn't available, and/or pharmacies are closed.
  10. Alternate communication devices.  In case cell towers are down.  HAM radio anyone?
  11. Animals.  For food, protection, and companionship.
  12. Alternate modes of transport.  Car?  Bicycle?  Motorcycle?  Shoes for long distance walking?
  13. Entertainment.  What would you do for hours/days on end if your electronic devices didn't work?
  14. Fix it materials.  For everything from making a plumbing or carpentry repair to sewing up ripped clothing.
  15. Good friends and neighbors.  No man is an island.
  16. A reasonable ability to procure your own food.  Guns and ammo for hunting, experience fishing and trapping, experience foraging, experience gardening.
  17. A stockpile (month's worth) of items you regularly use (toilet paper, baby formula, cleaning supplies, etc).
  18. Specialized gear for the area in which you live (rain gear, parka/hat/gloves, boots, etc).
  19. Documentary materials.  Pens, pencils, paper, markers, etc.  For making notes, writing details and lessons learned, documenting the situation, etc.
  20. Treats.  Whisky, chocolate, candy, cigars...little things that can be put aside and brought out to improve morale.

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  1. #13 really resonates with me now. The first week after I broke my leg, my tablet pooped out and my TV was intermittent. The need for non-electronic entertainment capacity is real!