Wednesday, July 6, 2016

10 Classes to Take This Summer

It's summer, you have some free time, and you are looking to improve your survival skills.  Here are ten classes you should take this summer that will increase your survival expertise:

  1. Concealed carry class (get your CCW permit and learn some valuable gun skills)
  2. CPR/First Aid/AED class (usually provided by your local Red Cross, hospital, or fire department, this class will teach you how to save a life)
  3. REI outdoor skills class (learn basic hiking skills, basic bicycle repair skills, orienteering skills, etc. at your local REI)
  4. CERT course (check and see if your local department of emergency management offers Community Emergency Response Team classes which will help you prepare for a disaster)
  5. EMR or EMT-B course (learn basic emergency medical response skills in either an EMR or EMT course)
  6. HAM Radio Technician license (take a free class which will lead to you receiving your initial HAM radio license)
  7. SAR class (check and see if your local Search and Rescue organization offers SAR classes--NIMS, basic survival, tracking, search tactics, etc)
  8. Local foraging class (basic foraging classes, including wild food walks, mushroom hunting, etc., are offered in many communities)
  9. Parks class (check out the event/class schedule on the website of your county/state/national park and learn everything from fossil hunting in the desert to cast iron cookery to hiking and night time orienteering skills)
  10. Library class (many libraries offer a wide range of informative classes and events, from cooking and knitting classes to local outdoor adventures and computer skills classes)

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