Monday, June 20, 2016

Digital Nomading Part 1 of 5: The Basics

The term "digital nomad" has been around for a while but recently it seems to have grown in popularity.  Being a digital nomad means you earn a living, via your computer, no matter where you are.  Whether you have an online business, or several, or you can work remotely for your employer (as a website designer, video game coder, etc), all you need is a laptop and passport and you are in business.

Why would someone want to do this?  Don't they like their cubical?  For many the answer is no.  The cubical farm is often the worst part of someone's job.  Other problems digital nomading seems to solve is not having to deal with office politics, having the freedom to work when you are most productive (some people abhor having to be in the office at 8am if they are naturally night people), and being able to live where they like and/or travel while at the same time earning an income.  Many DNs as they are called, like the idea of US wages (high) while living in a third world country where costs are extremely low (think Silicon Valley pay but not having to rent or buy a place in the Bay area where costs are in the stratosphere and instead kicking back on a beach in Thailand).

The reason preppers should take a look at becoming digital nomads is that you can live as close to or as far away from the grid as you want, plus even if there is a disaster in your area, your employer may be across the country so work (and pay) continues on like nothing happened.  And while you don't necessarily have to move overseas, and can in fact work from anywhere, the possibility of working for a higher wage while paying minimal living costs can help you both save a lot of money and have the cash on hand to buy the things that are important to you (guns, outdoor gear, a BOV, etc).

Tomorrow we will look at the logistics of becoming a Digital Nomad...

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