Monday, June 6, 2016

Buy It For Life

Being both old and frugal, not to mention retired and having a general aversion to shopping, I like to go into a store (or these days buy online), get the product I need, and get out.  I want to buy items that last forever, and I don't want to mess with products that breakdown, require repairs, or otherwise are a hassle to own.  With that in mind, here is my "buy it for life" list of products that I happily own (FYI these are affiliate easy way  to monetize this blog a bit without wallpapering it with ads):
  • Gregory backpacks.  The fit is exceptional (for me, YMMV), and the packs are guaranteed for life.
  • Osprey backpacks.  Ditto.  When I can't find a pack I want in the Gregory brand--and vice versa--I immediately head over to the Osprey rack.
  • Craftsman tools.  I've owned Craftsman tools for decades.  I'm disappointed that the newer Craftsman tools that I have heard about are now made in China and apparently do not hold up as well, but they still have their lifetime guarantee so that is still a great reason to buy these tools.
  • Darn Tough socks.  I love these things.  Again, these socks come with a lifetime guarantee but I have yet to wear out a pair and I've worn them for ages on some pretty tough trails.
  • Lodge Cast Iron Pans.  Another product I use almost daily.  Cast iron pans are my favorite to cook with and while they don't specifically have a lifetime guarantee, they do offer to help you out if at any time you have a problem with their product (I'm guessing that if you, in some inconceivable way, break the pan they will replace it but if you leave it out in the rain to become rusty they won't but that is only a guess).  I've never worn out a cast iron pan and, in fact, I still have a cast iron skillet of my grandmother's from circa 1930s--it makes great fried chicken.
  • Jansport backpacks.  I've used Jansport backpacks years ago, then all of the kids had Jansport backs all through school, and now, when I am sending stuff to the grandkids, they also get Jansport backpacks, mostly because I know how well they are made and also because they have a lifetime warranty (gotta get the kids trained to buy stuff for life too!).
  • Timbuk2 Messenger Bag.  When I regularly commuted for work (via planes, trains, automobiles, ferries, subways, bicycles, tuk tuk and jeepnies) my go-to briefcase was a Timbuk2 bag.  They are practically bomb proof, waterproof, and have a lifetime guarantee.  Occasionally I will see a great sale on a Timbuk2 bag but then decide against buying it because I still have a couple in my gear closet that are in perfect shape even after years of use.
  • SOG Knives.  Finally, SOG knives have a few warranties on their well-loved products.  The knives are warranted against material or workmanship defects for life, they offer free pocket clip replacement, free knife sharpening, and even some warranty on broken blades.

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