Wednesday, June 29, 2016

50 Items To Put In Your Shooting Bag

If you are heading out to the shooting range/desert/mountains/etc to do some shooting, make sure to have these items in your shooting bag:

  1. The bag itself.  It needs to be big enough to hold your stuff and have a flat bottom so it won't tip over when you set it down.
  2. Spare ammo.  Lots of it.  obviously make sure it matches the firearms you are bringing.
  3. Spare magazines.  Loading a handful of magazines then shooting saves time.
  4. Wet wipes.  Makes cleaning up easier when water isn't available.
  5. Targets.  There are numerous types of targets you can bring, from paper silhouettes to fluorescent splatter targets.  Don't bring glass for targets (always a bad idea) or steel targets unless you know they are acceptable where you are shooting.
  6. Target stand.  If needed.
  7. Stapler and spare staples.  For hanging your targets.
  8. Fluorescent marker.  For highlighting your shots on the target so it can be used longer.
  9. Masking tape.  To cover up shots so your target can be used longer.
  10. Black marker.  If you keep your targets after use, mark it with your name, date, and other necessary info (weather, wind, time, etc).
  11. Hearing protection.  You don't want to end up with hearing loss from shooting (note the old timers at the range who never used hearing protection and now answer every question with "huh?").  Don't forget spare batteries if your ear muffs require them.
  12. Foam ear plugs.  Small, cheap, lightweight, and can be given to those who don't have/forgot their hearing protection.
  13. Eye protection.  A good safety precaution which everyone should use.
  14. Bottle of water.  Many places don't have water available.
  15. Snacks/granola bars/lunch.  You might be out for a while and need some nutrition.
  16. First aid kit.  For obvious purposes.
  17. Packet of tissue.  For obvious purposes.
  18. Hand sanitizer.  Ditto.
  19. Shooting rest bags.  If needed.
  20. Cleaning kit.  If you use it in the field, may not be necessary if you clean your firearms at home.
  21. Nitrile gloves.  For use when cleaning your firearms.
  22. Gun oil/Frog Lube.  For obvious purposes.
  23. Multi tool.  Many uses.
  24. Ziploc bags.  For storing your brass although it is a better idea to put your brass in the ammo cartons it came in so you can count your shots this way.
  25. Medium sized trash bag.  To carry out trash, carry your muddy jacket in, etc.
  26. Sheet of plastic/Tyvek/mylar emergency blanket.  For use in an emergency and/or for when practicing shooting in the prone position.
  27. Gun tool/small tool kit.  In case you need to make fixes to your firearms.
  28. Items specific to your firearms.  Choke tube wrench, spare chokes, broken shell extractor, etc.
  29. Bench mat.  If needed.
  30. Fun stuff.  Tracer ammo, Texas star targets, other action shooting targets if allowed.
  31. Gear necessary for your practice.  Things such as spotting scope or binoculars, holsters for drawing practice, calipers, tripod, etc.
  32. High tech stuff.  Shot timer, laser range finder, weather meter, chronograph, etc.
  33. Bug repellent.  For shooting outside.  When bugs are a problem.
  34. Sun screen.  For shooting outside.  Then the sun is a problem.
  35. Small notebook and pen.  For recording the details of your practice.
  36. Open chamber indicators.  If necessary.
  37. Small flashlight.  Multiple uses.
  38. Name tag for your range bag.  Laminated.  And make sure your emergency contact info is visible on it as well.
  39. Appropriate clothing and footwear.  Consider finger-less gloves if shooting in the cold, a hat if needed, shoes that offer grip and stability, poncho or rain gear, etc.
  40. Fluorescent safety vest.  If needed.
  41. Small towel.  Many uses.
  42. Paperwork.  Things like CCW, range membership card, ID/wallet/cash, etc.  If needed.
  43. Emergency stuff.  Charged cell phone; PLB if you will be in an area without cell service.
  44. Gun bags/cases.  Don't forget the keys to your cases.
  45. Fix it kit.  Include duct tape, zip ties, rubber bands, super glue, safety pins, etc.
  46. Spares.  If you tend to take friends or new shooters with you when you shoot, always bring spare eye and ear protection for them.
  47. Bandanna or buff.  Multiple uses.
  48. Comfort items.  If you will be out all day you might want to bring a lawn chair, tablet, blanket, cooler, etc.
  49. Video camera.  You will probably use the one on your phone.  Excellent way to see what you are doing when you are shooting.  Watch the video to see if there are problems with your stance, trigger pull, etc.
  50. Business cards.  I often meet people at the range that I might want to follow up with later.  A quick way to exchange info is with a business card that contains your contact info.
And a note on these lists:  On this blog you will find lots of lists.  "50 Items to Put in Your Shooting Bag", "100 Items to Keep In Your Car".  I don't really expect you to have ALL of these items.  Everyone's situation is different so only carry the items you will need and use.  These lists are meant to include every possible thing you need and you can pare the lists down from there. 

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