Tuesday, June 14, 2016

100 Items to Have in Your Vehicle

Besides our homes, most of us spend a lot of time in our vehicles.  In a time of crisis, if you are in your vehicle and not in your home, you will want to have a variety of items at your disposal.  These include:

  1. Spare tire
  2. Jack
  3. Lug wrench
  4. Locking lugnut key
  5. Set of basic car tools
  6. Fix a flat
  7. Jumper cables
  8. Power pack jump starter
  9. Flashlight
  10. Extra batteries (for the flashlight)
  11. Fire starter tabs
  12. Bottles of water
  13. Food (like granola bars, jerky, candy, etc)
  14. Ice scraper
  15. Wind-up radio
  16. Small tarp
  17. Space blanket
  18. Regular blanket (or sleeping bag)
  19. Cash
  20. Coins
  21. Pre-paid Visa card
  22. Registration and proof of insurance
  23. AAA or other road assistance card
  24. First aid kit
  25. Fire extinguisher
  26. Pair of work gloves
  27. Extra jacket
  28. Flares
  29. Cell phone charger
  30. Box of tissue
  31. Wet Wipes
  32. Garbage bag
  33. Couple of ziplocs
  34. Large garbage bag
  35. Duct tape
  36. WD-40
  37. Tire pressure gauge
  38. Reflective road triangles
  39. Matches or lighter
  40. Seat belt cutter/window breaker tool
  41. Map of your area
  42. Small notebook
  43. Pen
  44. Folding knife
  45. Umbrella 
  46. Windshield cover
  47. Shovel
  48. Funnel 
  49. Bag of sand or kitty litter (for winter traction)
  50. Tow rope
  51. Sunglasses
  52. Hand lotion
  53. Sunscreen
  54. Mini toiletry kit
  55. Spare medication
  56. Fluorescent flag
  57. Tire chains (for winter driving)
  58. Paracord
  59. Collapsible fuel container
  60. Whistle
  61. Bungee cords
  62. Utility knife
  63. Shop towel
  64. Nitrile gloves
  65. Rain poncho
  66. Assorted zip ties
  67. Glow sticks
  68. Lip balm
  69. Half roll toilet paper 
  70. Reflective safety vest
  71. Battery power bank
  72. Portable air compressor
  73. Spare car parts (light bulbs, fuses, wiper blade, etc)
  74. Written list of emergency contact numbers/addresses
  75. Quart of oil
  76. Sealed canister of antifreeze
  77. Kindle (with a few entertaining books and some survival guides, first aid guides, etc)
  78. Small repair items (safety pins, wire, rubber bands, etc)
  79. Spare specialized supplies (baby diapers, hearing aid batteries, baby formula, etc)
  80. HAM radio and gear (if you use these things)
  81. Firearm, spare magazine, spare ammo (if you use these things)
  82. Siphon tube and pump
  83. Power inverter
  84. Spare key (hidden on the outside of the vehicle)
  85. Backpack (for bugging out of your vehicle)
  86. Collapsible water container
  87. Wilderness survival kit (water purification tabs, compass, fishing kit, magnifying glass, etc)
  88. Bandanna
  89. Pepper spray
  90. Items specific to your vehicle (wench, brush guard, tow hitch, etc)
  91. GPS device (built in, on your phone, or stand alone device)
  92. Eating kit (spork, metal cup, tiny can opener)
  93. Paper towels or napkins
  94. Chemical hand warmer packs
  95. Chemical ice packs
  96. Binoculars
  97. N95 mask or dust mask
  98. Wag bags
  99. Thumb drive with back up of all of your important files
  100. Change of clothing and good walking shoes

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