Sunday, July 12, 2015

Catching Up

I just realized I've been very neglectful of this blog of late (it's been a hectic summer with more to come).  I think having three weeks worth of Daily InSight links to catch up with, however, has taught me a lesson.  So here's some random stuff to start off with before I get back into a regular blogging schedule...

  • can happen to you.  Are you prepared?
  • The South Carolina church shooting...ditto.  Concealed carry and proper training are the only way to prevent such a huge massacre, regardless of what the gun grabbers will tell you.
  • While not previously a fan of Dell computers, I saw the XPS at CES and finally bought one.  It is excellent in all ways and so extremely portable.
  • The republican presidential field continues to grow (are we up to 15? 16? 17?) and  they all seem to be making a bee-line for Vegas.  We'll see how this shakes out.
  • Reddit.  Sigh.  Pao is out but the site continues on its downward spiral of hate and discontent.
  • Las Vegas.  Sigh.  It's hot.
  • A good thing about summer...there are still some  sports to watch including the US women's soccer team (great job ladies!), Wimbledon, and baseball (I'm still a Mariners fan even though I  no longer live in Seattle).
  • And in less well-known sports but still a  big deal to those of us who are following along...Scott Jurek just set a new record for running the Appalachian Trail and Helene Neville is only a few states away from setting a record for running around the perimeter of the United States.
I think that's about all for should now continue on a more frequent basis.

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