Monday, May 18, 2015

10 Hacking Issues You Should Be Aware Of

In no particular order...

  1. There has been a lot of back and forth in the media about whether airline flight controls can be hacked.  This articles points out that it may be possible.
  2. Your car is basically one big computer these days.  Unfortunately there are a number of ways these computer systems can be hacked.
  3. When you consider how tightly bound you are to the country's infrastructure (everything from relying on the electric grid to assuming that there will be gas at the gas station each time you go there), it is no wonder that these high value targets are a major area of hacking activity.
  4. While the title of this report is kind of cutesy--Hacking Medical Devices for Fun and Insulin--the underlying premise is pretty scary (ie: if you have a medical device that you rely on for your very life having it hacked would make for a very bad day).
  5. Of course, hackers can steal your entire identity (or just parts of it) and ruin your week (...or month...or year... or decade) as well.
  6. The newer the tech, it seems the greater the hacking thrill.  Such as 3d printer hacks, Apple watch hacks, and Starbucks card hacks.
  7. Another type of new technology that has become a hacker target...drones.
  8. Of course cell phones are relatively old tech but they are still a nice target for hackers.
  9. Of course hackers like money and what better way to get money than via hacking a variety of financial institutions.
  10. Finally, the world pretty much revolves around social media these days so you can just imagine how hacked social media accounts could result in bad things happening.

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