Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Challenge #31 The Wrap Up

After all of the challenges we have done this month, it is now time to ensure that the answers to the following questions are a resounding "Yes" (if not, see what you can do to change any no answers to yes as soon as possible).

  1. Do you have a Bug Out Bag?
  2. Do you have a first aid kit (or multiple kits if you need one at home, at the office, in your RV, on your boat, etc)?
  3. Have you ensured multiple sources of water for a variety of disaster situations?
  4. Have you ensured a comprehensive supply of food to see you through a variety of disaster situations?
  5. Does your family have a disaster communications plan?
  6. Does you family have an evacuation (bug out) plan?
  7. Does your family have a shelter in place (bug in) plan?
  8. Have you taken steps to take care of your money situation (be debt free, protect your assets, etc)?
  9. Have you ensured that your home can is secure both inside and outside?
  10. Do you have (and do you continue to develop) a wide range of skills that would be useful in a disaster?
  11. Do you stockpile things that would be useful in a disaster (everything from food to toilet paper to tools, etc)?
  12. Do you practice the things that would be useful in a disaster (everything from starting a fire without matches to sewing skills to HAM radio skills, etc)?
  13. Have you taken steps to protect your privacy as much as possible?
  14. Is everything about you (home, records, work space, etc) organized and are all important things backed up?
  15. Do you have multiple ways to protect yourself?
  16. Do you have an organized, streamlined, useful Every Day Carry bag?
  17. Do you practice situational awareness on a regular basis?
  18. Do you have multiple sources of income?
  19. Do you own, and are you experienced with, firearms?
  20. Are you a minimalist or are you heading in that direction?
  21. Have you done a microadventure (or multiple microadventures)?
  22. Have you learned and do you practice bushcraft skills?
  23. Are you more than familiar with your neighborhood and community?
  24. Do you regularly do do-it-yourself tasks?
  25. Do you utilize a variety of information sources to stay abreast of current news?
  26. Have you prepared for natural disasters that are common in your area?
  27. Have you taken on any long-term survival projects?
  28. Do you travel (both near and far) regularly?
  29. Do you have some semblance of a plan for a TEOTWAWKI situation?
  30. Do you utilize your preparedness skills and knowledge to give back to your community?
Congratulations--you are far and away more prepared for any disaster that could happen than the vast majority of the population.

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