Friday, March 27, 2015

March Challenge #27 Long-Term Survival Projects

Once you pretty much have all of your disaster preparedness ducks in a row, you will have time to take on some longer-term survival projects.  Most prepping projects are fairly quick--stockpiling enough extra food for a week or two can be done in one shopping trip, putting a small emergency fund aside can be done in a few paychecks, etc.

There are a number of survival projects, however, that can take a long time to complete.  The payoff, though, can be many-fold if you are dedicated enough to see these projects through.  Your challenge today is to take on one or more of these longer term projects which will enhance your survival skills.  Some examples:

  • Start a garden (an OK garden can be put together in one season, a great garden can take many years to accomplish).
  • Add a DIY solar power system to your home (you can purchase/put together one solar panel at a time until you have an entire solar array that can generate enough energy to power your home).
  • Take an EMT course (a two to three month proposition) then volunteer to be an EMT in your community.  Not only do you provide an invaluable service to your community but your field medical skills will improve dramatically.
  • Build a bug-out shelter.  This can be as extravagant as building a second home on land you own away from the city to building a tiny home/renovating an old RV/renovating an old boat to be used for family vacations as well as bugging out in an emergency.
  • Set a physical fitness goal.  One lady I know set a goal to run a marathon everyday (beginning at the first of this year, prior to this she ran 500 marathons over the course of a few years), another lady I know will spend four months running across the US this summer, a guy I know does more than 300 volksmarches each year, yet another guy I know will complete a thru hike of the Appalachian Trail this summer.
These are just a few examples of longer-term projects that will benefit you immediately as well as into your future.

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